Who Are Alamedans for Fair Rents?

by ARC

They’re landlords, astroturfing and trying to confuse renters. From this article in the San Francisco Business Times…

“We favor more rental housing. We think the supply issue needs to be addressed,” said Don Lindsey, and longtime local realtor and founding member of Alamedans for Fair Rents, a landlord group that includes major building management companies representing over 3,000 rental units.

Lindsey said that his group is also against huge rent increases, and only a small percentage of local landlord have sought egregiously higher rents, often after a building is sold to a new owner. “The overwhelming group of owners in Alameda, we think, are very reasonable,” he said.
The landlord group was in favor of a cap on rent increases of 10 percent proposed by Alameda councilman Tony Daysong (sic) during the moratorium period but doesn’t believe rent caps are a long-term solution.

Do annual 10% sound “reasonable” or “fair” to you? Don’t be fooled by this group’s name. This is a classic tactic of trying to muddy the waters and confuse voters.

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