Title and Summary Released by City Attorney

by ARC

On March 14 we received back our Ballot Initiative, which we called “THE ALAMEDA RENTER PROTECTION AND COMMUNITY STABILIZATION CHARTER AMENDMENT”, with the new city attorney title “A Proposed City of Alameda Charter Amendment to Establish Rent Control, a Rent Control Board, and Regulate Termination of Tenancies”

“Rent Control” is used twice in the title, intended to scare people, and eviction is turned into “termination of tenancy”! Does the City Attorney work for the California Apartments Association?

Well, we embrace “Rent Control”! Rent control has helped Santa Monica become a thriving rental market while not driving out its core renter citizens. Berkeley’s housing market is thriving under rent control, while their disabled, elderly, and working poor have security in their homes. So, hell yes this is rent control!

Alameda needs to join the prosperous communities across the state that have adopted common sense protections against tenant churning rent increases. We need to protect our schools from losing their students mid-year so that a San Jose developer can meet their profit targets for the year. We need to protect our families from mass “termination of tenancy”!

Now the initiative goes to the printers. We must raise $7000 to pay for printing and filing fees.  We are an organization of more than a thousand people. If everyone gave $5, and a few gave a little more, we’d easily meet our goal. Please donate here.

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