Resources for Tenants

It’s hard to know where to go when you’re having problems with your landlord. It’s difficult enough to wade through all of the different governmental bodies and non-profit organizations to even start to find help and support. Here are some resources that can help you with a rent increase.

  • Tenants Together – 415-495-8100
    Tenants Together is our state’s renters rights resource. They have a renter’s crisis line that can help you with some of your renter/landlord questions. They are an excellent resource to find out whether your rent increase is legal and get referrals to lawyers who might be able to help you (that you’ll have to pay).
  • ECHO Housing – 510-581-9380
    ECHO Housing is contracted by the city of Alameda to provide mediations to renters. They specialize in the East Bay and can answer your questions and give you the opportunity to mediate conflicts with your landlord.
  • Call 211
    Pick up your phone and call 211 for housing resources and non profit referrals. Note: The Housing Authority of the City of Alameda has limited staff and resources, so their automated phone line handles most of inquiries. The 211 information line is also a resource that they recommend the public use for assistance.
  • Alameda Point Collaborative – 510-898-7800
    The APC offers housing for homeless folks and supports families in danger of losing their housing.
  • Alameda Family Services – 510-629-6300
    Another nonprofit group who focuses on low income families in Alameda. They can provide some assistance in a housing search.
  • The Alameda Renters Coalition Facebook Page
    If you’re on Facebook and you’re looking for a group sympathetic to what you’re going through join us on our Facebook page. You can post your renter/landlord issue (without naming names and locations) and find a group of people willing to share their stories and offer resources for you to get assistance.
  • The Housing Authority – 510.747.4346
    On November 5th, the Alameda City Council unanimously passed an emergency moratorium on rent increases over 8% and no fault evictions. If you receive an increase or notice to terminate and have any questions to whether it is legal under the moratorium, contact the Housing Authority and have the following information ready:
    Are they a renter/landlord?
    What type of unit?
    Calling about an increase or no cause eviction question?
    Have you received a notice? If so, what date was the noticed received?
    Increase amount/percentage?
    Is this an increase over 8% in the past 12 months
    Eviction reason?
    Contact information: name/phone number/email
  • Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC)
    Within the City of Alameda, there is no cap on rental increases. The only official recourse for renters is through the Rent Review Advisory Committee through the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda. There is no legal cap on increases and the City of Alameda only allows for a RRAC hearing to mediate a resolution. Renters must complete and submit a Rental Increase Complaint form. The ARC recommends that renters facing a rental increase apply to the RRAC. In some cases, a fair increase may be negotiated. The Housing Authority official data and statistics regarding rental increases are compiled via the RRAC hearings. More information regarding the RRAC is available on the Housing Authority’s website.
  • RRAC Assistance
    The RRAC is the City of Alameda’s Rent Review Advisory Committee, which can mediate rent increases. It can be intimidating to apply to the RRAC and appear at the hearing to face your landlord: members of the Alameda Renters Coalition can walk you through the RRAC application and appeal process and attend the RRAC meeting with you.