Shady Going-On in Landlordville

by ARC

Today there were at least two instances of those opposing renters’ rights trying to manipulate things. First, an obviously fake facebook user came into the Alameda Peeps group with an anti-rent-control article written by a very dubious libertarian type.

Secondly, there’s been a telephone survey/push poll starting this evening that several members have reported receiving. Here is one member’s description of it…

“We just got a phone survey asking about our opinions on rent control in Alameda. Anytime they mentioned a rent control they always listed 8% increases as the cap. It was difficult to answer the questions asked on the survey because either you say you don’t support rent control or that you support a 8% cap (which in my opinion is just too much).
I am not sure who is paying for this survey but just wanted to let everyone know.”

Here’s the information we got when entering the phone number (“The number came through as 310-555-4137 (???) and the ID line read Dir Assist CA”) into a search engine…

1. The number is on the FCC Telemarketer and Robocall Blacklist.

2. There’s one hit from Nov. 13 on the FB page of the Republican Party of Contra Costa County, which reads, ‘The City of Walnut Creek has hired a firm called Validity Research to poll residents’ opinions on a proposed half-cent sales tax that will appear on the November ballot. The caller ID is displayed as “DIR ASST CA – (310) 555-4137″ If you receive a call, be sure to tell the pollster how you feel about yet another tax increase.”

3. Searching for Validity Research comes up with:– a Canadian company.

4. 310 area code is Beverly Hills, Gardena CA.

Alameda Renters Coalition is trying to get a transcript of one of these calls for further analysis.

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