Is M1 radical? Only if the Democratic Party is.

by Eric Strimling

M1 has been endorsed by the Alameda County Democratic Party, Rob Bonta, and Barbara Lee. We were honored to be endorsed just yesterday by The League of Conservation Voters. The low income advocacy organization Renewed Hope has endorsed us and is actively working to get Measure M1 passed. The East Bay Express endorses M1. Five Alameda Faith Leaders have endorsed us by name, and many more are working to end No-Cause eviction, a pillar of L1. (The ongoing list is HERE)
And yet landlord sponsored groups are trying to promote the idea that while some rent control is OK, M1 is “radical” and therefore scary. In a new flier they are about to put out they actually try to characterize rent control as bad for renters! Do they mean that stable, predictable, rent increases are bad for renters? Do they mean that freedom from fear of a 60 day notice to vacate being posted on their door at any time, without the possibility of review or appeal, is bad for renters? No, they cite high rents as being caused by rent control. Alameda has had no rent control and yet the average rent increased from $2151 to $3446 in the last five years.


Did it ever occur to the landlords that high prices are what *cause* rent control? Did they really think that the party could continue forever regardless of the impact on our community? Well, the community is fighting back using the proud American tradition of petition and ballot measure. This isn’t radical, it is Alamedans defending themselves.

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