Landlords to tenants- Vote no or we will evict you!

by Eric Strimling

We all know about the massive statewide realty group, California Apartment Association, that is dumping money into push polls, daily mailers, internet ads, and even TV commercials, to try to stop the citizen petition movement known as Measure M1.

However, the landlord group “Alamedans for Fair Rents” has claimed to be the local alternative to this outside money. But I found the contribution reports for “Yes on L1 Alamedans For Fair Rents” and it turns out that 2/3 of their money is coming from off-Island. They have declared $23,000 so far, $12,000 of it from a single Los Angeles realty group, The California Association of realtors. Another $4,000 comes from KB Properties of Mill Valley.


And now Alamedans for Fair Rents has used it’s LA realty money to produce a flier for tenants. Its message- if “you want to continue living in Alameda, you should definitely vote no on M1.” They are threatening to sell all 4000 single family homes, condos, and townhouses currently being rented to owners who will move into them. This despite the fact that single family homes are not affected by the rent caps! The existing landlords can charge whatever they want due to a state law called Costa-Hawkins. But in an attempt to blackmail voters, they are threatening mass eviction if they don’t get their way. We can only assume that these landlords also own buildings as well as houses, and are trying to protect their effectively unrestricted profits in those units.

Open blackmail is pretty low, even for this election.

mailer1 mailer2

Yes on Measure M1, because we don’t give in to blackmail!

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