From our Friends in San Jose

by ARC

Here’s an absolutely stunning letter from the Law Foundation in Silicon Valley that is deeply involved in the effort to change San Jose’s Rent Ordinance. The letter was sent to our city council this week before the Jan. 5 meeting, so the mayor and council members had this information before the council meeting.

As we all know, San Jose currently allows rent increases of 8% and higher. The Alameda City Council has been using San Jose as a model to promote 8% rent increases here in Alameda. The letter tells our local officials what is wrong with San Jose’s rent law and 8% increases and that it will be lowered very soon.

We’ve been telling Alameda staff, the mayor and council for months that San Jose is going through a community process and will soon lower their rent increase cap to CPI or 2%. It seems the council is still in denial about this but with everyone’s help last Tuesday, we sending a strong message that “8% is too damn high!”

Read the Letter


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