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Alameda Renters Coalition Offers Components for Rent Ordinance to City Staff

by ARC

On Monday, Nov. 16, members of the Alameda Renters Coalition, tenant representatives from 470 Central, and attorneys with Tenants Together met with Alameda city staff to discuss the components of a fair and functional rent and just cause ordinance. Here are elements that ARC presented at that meeting which the Coalition believes must be included…

Shady Going-On in Landlordville

by ARC

Today there were at least two instances of those opposing renters’ rights trying to manipulate things. First, an obviously fake facebook user came into the Alameda Peeps group with an anti-rent-control article written by a very dubious libertarian type. Secondly, there’s been a telephone survey/push poll starting this evening that several members have reported receiving.…

Who Are Alamedans for Fair Rents?

by ARC

They’re landlords, astroturfing and trying to confuse renters. From this article in the San Francisco Business Times… “We favor more rental housing. We think the supply issue needs to be addressed,” said Don Lindsey, and longtime local realtor and founding member of Alamedans for Fair Rents, a landlord group that includes major building management companies…