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Decline to Sign the So-Called “Reasonable Rent Control” Petition

by Maria

As threatened, the Alameda landlord lobby — most likely financed by the anti-tenant California Apartment Association (CAA) — has began to circulate a petition to overturn the Just Cause protections we just won! Don’t be fooled. On June 9, paid signature circulators began obtaining signatures  to overturn just cause, all eviction controls, all relocation fees, and…

Polls by landlord group influenced council’s rent control measure

by Eric Strimling

(This article was published the day after the Alameda city council voted to start work on a ballot measure to compete with Measure M1.) Wed, Jul 20, 2016 Polls by landlord group influenced council’s rent control measure by Mark Noack / Mountain View Voice Mountain View City Council members gave plenty of reasons for why they…

Shady Going-On in Landlordville

by ARC

Today there were at least two instances of those opposing renters’ rights trying to manipulate things. First, an obviously fake facebook user came into the Alameda Peeps group with an anti-rent-control article written by a very dubious libertarian type. Secondly, there’s been a telephone survey/push poll starting this evening that several members have reported receiving.…