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Statement Signed by Alameda Faith Leaders

by Eric Strimling

RESPECTING THE RIGHT OF EVERYONE TO SAFE, SECURE, AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN ALAMEDA A Statement in Support of the Residents at 470 Central Avenue, Alameda, CA We are here today representing Alameda’s faith communities, standing with our brothers and sisters living at 470 Central Ave. who are facing no-cause evictions from their homes. We want…

Title and Summary Released by City Attorney

by ARC

On March 14 we received back our Ballot Initiative, which we called “THE ALAMEDA RENTER PROTECTION AND COMMUNITY STABILIZATION CHARTER AMENDMENT”, with the new city attorney title “A Proposed City of Alameda Charter Amendment to Establish Rent Control, a Rent Control Board, and Regulate Termination of Tenancies” “Rent Control” is used twice in the title,…