ARC General Meeting on Sat, Jan 2

by ARC

Alameda Renters,

City Council will be holding their January 5th meeting in Kofman Auditorium to accommodate what is sure to be a huge crowd to discuss their ordinances to address the rent crisis. Renters need to make a strong showing, and we also need to be well informed on what will be presented and how we can make the strongest case for rent control.

Therefore, this will be the primary focus of Alameda Renters Coalition’s General Meeting, this Saturday, Jan 2nd, 2:30pm at 2027 Clement St. Below is the agenda for this meeting. If you’ve never been to a meeting before, this is definitely not one to miss. If you have, try to bring friends. We need all hands on deck! Also, please bring sign making supplies, markers, poster board, card stock, sticks, etc. See you this Saturday, and again on Tuesday!

1) Drive for attendance at Jan 5 City Council Meeting
– Flier, phone banks, one-on-one contact
2) Overview of the options that were presented to City Council
3) ARC’s response to the proposed ordinance options
– Written response, meeting presentation, and speakers at the meeting
4) Making signs for the Jan 5 City Council meeting

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