Anti Just Cause petitions have been submitted! Write to City to protest the deception!

by Eric Strimling

Yesterday morning the consulting firms succeeded in submitting enough signatures to suspend our hard won Just Cause eviction protections. To overturn Just Cause Alameda has been inundated with paid petition gatherers asking citizens to sign “to support rent control”. Don’t let outside real estate interests and the landlord lobby get away with deceiving voters into eliminating Just Cause tenant protections. Keep Alamedans in their homes!

Please write or call:

Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer, 510-747-470,

Vice Mayor Malia Vella, 510-747-4726,

Councilmember Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, 510-747-4745,

Frank Matarrese, 510-747-4722,

Councilmember Jim Oddie, 510-747-4728,

Janet C. Kern, City Attorney, (510) 747-4750,

Some talking points-

  • Call for a closed session to investigate legal options and do everything possible to preserve Just Cause and keep Alamedans in their homes.
  • 78% of Alamedans support Just Cause eviction rules. The City Council should respect this overwhelming public sentiment.
  • How you are affected by the instability that no cause eviction creates.

This is a turning point not only for Alameda, but for the region. Your support is crucial at this time.

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