Support Services

More than ever before landlords are taking advantage of Alameda’s lenient tenancy laws that overwhelmingly benefit landlords and throwing working people at the mercy of the competitive rental housing market – with only 60 days to find a new home.

Families and Individuals from all walks of life are being economically displaced from their homes while landlords rake up thousands of dollars in rental increases, some as high as 50% -with very little legal recourse. The only way that tenants will have power is if they unite as a voting block to enact laws to minimize the effects of our competitive, greedy housing market.

The Alameda Rental Coalition:

  • Provides moral support to those suffering from the trauma of housing displacement
  • Offers resources and referrals to other housing organizations that support tenants
  • Unites as a voice to work with governments and housing-related organizations to enact fair housing laws that codify fair increases, deposit returns, and the immediate building of low-to-moderate-income housing.
  • Shows up at housing meetings, planning committee meetings and more
  • Records and shares the stories of those displaced by unfair rental increases