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⛔ #DeclineToSign #WithdrawYourSignature

by Eric Strimling

  ARC Members, Thanks for helping us fight the landlord lobby’s attempt to overturn the Just Cause eviction protections we now have in Alameda. Don’t Sign the Petition! Don’t let them trick you! The petition is not about rent control — it’s about taking away your Just Cause tenant protections. The Alameda Renters Coalition is not circulating a petition.…

Decline to Sign the So-Called “Reasonable Rent Control” Petition

by Maria

As threatened, the Alameda landlord lobby — most likely financed by the anti-tenant California Apartment Association (CAA) — has began to circulate a petition to overturn the Just Cause protections we just won! Don’t be fooled. On June 9, paid signature circulators began obtaining signatures  to overturn just cause, all eviction controls, all relocation fees, and…